AP1 Commander Stone


  • AP1 Commander Stone
  • Official Lego parts excluding the helmet
  • The helmet is made out of the same material Lego uses, ABS plastic
  • 360 degree waterslide decals

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Full Description

Coruscant Guard

The Duties 

The Coruscant Guard was a force in the Grand Army of the Republic. Their responsibility was to protect the Coruscant. They were the military police force. The leader included Clone Commander CC-1010 Fox. He was a loyal and fierce trooper. In the Republic military, he was one of the most decorated soldiers. During their service, the Coruscant Guard performed several duties. They served as riot control troopers to patrol the galactic capital. They cooperated with the 

Coruscant Security Force. They also performed rescue operations. They were also the Guards of the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center. They assisted Jedi, senators, and other diplomats. They were the bodyguards of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine during Separatist Alliance. 

The Final Engagements 

At the end of the Clone Wars, some of the troopers were killed by Maul. When Order 66 commenced, the Coruscant Guard followed it. They implemented it on the Coruscant. In the Empire's early days, the Clone Commander CC-4477 There searched for Yoda's body. But they were unable to find him. They guarded the Sidious and Vader in the Grand Republic Medical Facility. The retention of Coruscant Guards happened when Galactic Empire was formed. The New Order was created, and they served as a security force. They were involved in enforcing the commands of Emperor Palpatine. The Sith Lord Darth Vader executed their head, Fox.

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