AP2 Commander Cody


  • Lego Star Wars: AP2 Commander Cody Minifigures
  • Official Lego parts, excluding the helmet
  • The helmet is made out of the same material Lego uses, ABS plastic
  • 360 degree waterslide decals

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Lego Star Wars: AP2 Commander Cody Minifigures

The 212th Attack Battalion, led by Commander Cody and Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Clone Troopers fought against the Droid Army throughout the Clone Wars. The 212th Battalion was known for its successful battle tactics in many significant battles. The battle of Ryloth and the battle of Christophis, wherein both cases they were aiding in freeing the people from Separatist control. The Troopers later fought in the second battle of Geonosis, where they got a Republic win by destroying a newly made droid factory. Often saw the 212th, alongside the 501st Legion, commanded by Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, fighting together to push back the Separatists.

Lego 212th Battalion Minifigures

The last major battle was on the planet, Utapau. All the prominent Separatist leaders were gathered there, including General Grievous. General Grievous had sent all the leaders to the world of Mustafar in good timing on the General's part before the 212th Attack Battalion swooped down in their gunships, attacking the Droid Army. After the Clones wiped out the remaining droids, General Obi-Wan defeated General grievous, winning the Galactic Republic. Unfortunately, after the war, Emperor Palpatine activated Order 66, calling for all Jedi to be exterminated. Commander Cody received the transmission and ordered the tank gunner to fire at Obi-Wan Kenobi, who rode a creature up a mountain, knocking them into the water pit on the surface. Let us not get into Order 66 and the ending of clones; let's get back to you buying the Lego 212th Attack Battalion Assult Trooper Minifigure!

  • The 212th Attack Battalion, wearing Phase II armor, was seen in season 4, episode 10 of The Clone Wars, "Carnage of Krell."
  • Also, saw the clone battalion in season 4, episode 11, "Kidnapped."
  • Lastly, wearing Phase II armor was seen in season 7, episode 9, "Old Friends Not Forgotten."
  • The information above was gathered from my memory; if I forgot some, feel free to email me!

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