P2 Bartok 212th Trooper


  • P2 Bartok 212th Trooper
  • Official Lego parts excluding the helmet
  • The helmet is made out of the same material Lego uses, ABS plastic
  • 360 degree waterslide decals

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Full Description

212th Attack Battalion 

The Rise of the 212th Legion 

212th Attach Battalion was also known as the 212th Republic Battalion. It was the troop of the Grand Army of the Republic. This army served the Galactic Republic. The leaders include Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Commander CC-2224 Cody. Throughout the Clone Wars, they fought against the droid forces. They commanded an invasion of the Utapau's separatist-controlled world. The 212th was famous for its successful tactics and historical achievements. They fought several battles, such as the Battle of Christophsis, the Battle of Teth, and the Battle of Ryloth. The 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps was along their side. They also destroyed the droid factory at the Second Battle of Geonosis. Eventually, they captured Poggle the Lesser. In the Battle of Umbara, they cooperated with the 501st. Their final war was the Battle of Utapau.

The Dark Days 

Darth Sidious defeated the Jedi Masters Mace Windu, Saesee Tiin, Kit Fisto, and Agen Kolar. Anakin Skywalker assisted them. Darth Sidious reached Commander Cody to bring Order 66 into effect. The soldiers of the Jedi master betrayed him due to Order 66. In the Great Jedi Purge, the fall of the Jedi Order happened. In the end, a New Order was formed. This Battalion was absorbed into the troops of the Galactic Empire. They served the planet Kashyyyk. On this planet, the people established an uprising. 212th Attach Battalion suppressed their struggles.

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