RP Squad Epsilon


  • Official Lego parts excluding the helmet
  • The helmet is made out of the same material Lego uses, ABS plastic
  • 360 degree waterslide decals
  • Decaled Backpacks included as well! (Not shown in picture)

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Full Description

Lego Star Wars: Squad Epsilon Clone Commandos Minifigures

Squad Epsilon

Squad Epsilon was a unit in the Republic Army of the Galactic Republic. It built the squad during the Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. It was an elite unit of storm commandos of the Imperial Remnant. The squad was consisting of four commandos under the command of HD-4214 Commando Advisor. Epsilon squad was part of numerous operations against the New Republic. Positioned the squad in the Axial Park of Coronet City in the battle of Corellia. Where killed the squad in an attack by rocket jumpers. (Available on Wookieepedia)
The specialty of the Epsilon Squad (more detail about Squad Epsilon is not available on Wookieepedia) Epsilon Squad was the best of the best among the Republic Commandos. They could complete even the toughest missions. They were able to survive in impossible situations. Owing to their unique tactics and fighting skills, they got the neck name Death Defiers. There was nothing that they could not handle.

Lego Star Wars: Squad Epsilon Clone Commandos Minifigures

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